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Few directions as per Vastu shastra:

1. NE or Ishaan Kon (Water): Pooja room, water storage tank, boring, lawn, portico, Drawing room, water supply connection.
2. East: Main gate, living room, bathroom, kitchen, guestroom, open space, balcony, Tulsi plant.
3. SE or Agni Kon (Fire): Office, fire, toilet, plants, basement, stairs, generator / inverter storeroom, clothes.
4. South: Bedroom, room to store heavy articles like machines etc., overhead water tank, big trees, godown, toilet, paying guest / tenant.
5. SW or Nairitya Kon (Earth): Arms and ammunition, room to store raw materials, sleeping room, room for father or elder brother, stairs, overhead water storage tank, trees.
6. West: Dinning room, septic tank, stairs, water storage tank on the ground, toilet cum bath, drawing room, living room.
7. NW or Vaayaya Kon (Air): Cattle and animals, grains storage, kitchen, living room, stairs, medium sized trees.
8. North: Treasury, finished material store, reception room, children’s room, recreation and entertainment room, gas plant or connection, swimming pool.
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