Predictions 2018


This year you will have a lighter workload than you’ve had in previous years. While you have been busy with work before and had to focus to get things done perfectly, this year you will have a little more leg room, use this lack of work to tell your bosses about any creative ideas that you may have been holding back that could improve the company you work for. Who knows? If it’s a good enough idea then maybe you’ll even get a bonus because of it.


This year while your workload is lessened you will have more bills to pay. You may not have much money to spend on the things you want, so focus on paying for the things that you need to, like bills. Do not skip any payments. Control your expenses and first pay your liabilities.


It is important to exercise your body and mind this year and every year. Mental and physical health need to be good this year.


This year there will be some changes in your relationships, romantic and friendly. You need to get in touch with your deeper emotions this year, as they will be the thing that are most likely to affect your romantic relationships. You need to accept that you cannot control your emotions at times, or even just other aspects of your relationship in general. This may stress you out, but try to go with the flow.