Predictions 2018


In 2018, your career should bring you more joy than hardship this year. You may need to travel for work this year as well. You will want to do things that will get you noticed at work this year. Tell some of your bosses your creative ideas and make friends with your coworkers. Accept your faults and play to your strengths this year.


When it comes to your wealth, you are bound to be pretty lucky. You will feel better if you spend more money on safety, but feel free to spend your money on things that will entertain you as well. You should have enough extra money to do whatever you want with it this year. You may need to save more money in future years, but for now you should just enjoy it. Make money and enjoy it.


You will also feel like you have more energy this year. Make sure to use this energy wisely! Aquarius, exercise when you can and make sure to watch your diet. If you keep up healthy eating habits then you will have a decent year, if you slack off then you will be more likely to fall ill.


In the past, you may have felt like your love life was a bit stale. However, this year be prepared for some spontaneous sex and romance. There will be an extra spark in your relationship this year. This is mostly for old relationships, but even new relationships can have an exciting spark.